I'm a designer/developer coding mobile-first websites and apps for small businesses and nonprofits.

I'm also a Google Workspace admin and consultant here to assist teams large and small with cloud-based productivity, collaboration and communication solutions. There's a new way to work and I can demonstrate how to make the most of it in the easiest, most cost-effective terms; either one-on-one or through a workshop.

I can leverage the power of cloud-connected offices with their online web presences. Online forms, documents and image galleries can all be folded in easing the burden of reaching your clients and your audience with timely information all from your desktop or laptop without need of complex database or server connections and related software.

My design focus is on responsive layouts that are accessible by everyone, on design systems that are clean, scalable and standards-compliant and server solutions that are brisk, secure and affordable. I come with a lot of fresh ideas and am a good listener, too. If you have a project idea (or currently one underway) and you think I might be a good fit, I'd love to hear about it. Just holler.